About me

I was born in Carinthia, Austria´s southernmost state, in 1960. I started drawing as a schoolboy. Later, when studying medicine, I began working in oil and aquarelle.

My early work was influenced by the French Impressionists who taught me to see light and color. Van Gogh and Gauguin were also among my favorites.

In 1990, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a small sailboat. For the journey I bought a Nikonos camera  and I took my first underwater photographs when arriving in the Lesser Antilles. Back in Austria, I began painting what I had seen in the Caribbean.

In 1994, after 10 years as a physician in a hospital, I started my own practice as an internist. Later, inspired by what I had seen in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, I returned to the university to study biology. While continuing to work as a physician, I specialized in freshwater and marine biology, receiving a doctoral degree for my research on the distribution and ecology of freshwater mussels in Carinthia.

This study and several visits to the lovely island of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, improved my knowledge of aquatic life. Gradually, ever greater numbers of plants and animals on land and in the sea became the subjects of my art.

I love colors and try to combine them in ways that allow them to play off and enhance one another. That’s just what the Impressionists did, but my style is different from theirs.

In my medical practice, I’ve arranged things so that I’m at the office only half a day, leaving ample time for painting, studying, and traveling. I am grateful for the life I lead and know that without the help and understanding of my lovely wife Heidi, so much of what I have accomplished in my life would have been impossible. I am indeed lucky to share life with a partner who shares my sense of beauty and love for the wonders of the world in which we live.



5 Responses to About me

  1. Rosa Diamond says:

    Dear Markus
    I am speechless …so much beauty in your paintings…
    I am previleged to know you and owning one of your paintings

  2. Wolfgang Eckert says:

    Hallo Markus, beneidenswerte Biografie, schade dass wir uns so lange nicht gesehen haben


    Wolfgang Eckert

  3. Thomaso Martina says:

    Lieber Markus!
    Ich bin durch Zufall, wegen den Initialen auf deine Seite gekommen und bin total begeistert! Ich bin selber in Kärnten geboren und aufgewachsen, daher haben mich vorallem diese Landschaftsbilder sehr berührt!
    Vl lesen wir uns mal, was mich sehr freuen würde.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Vicki Preece says:

    Markus! You are truly an inspiration. Everett and I are honored to display our small and very beautiful Markus Taurer water color collection. We are fortunate to have you as our friend and neighbor on dushi Bonaire. We look forward to one day meeting Heidi. Best Regards, Everett and Vicki Preece

  5. Karinp says:

    Dear Markus, I am stunned and fascinated by your paintings and by the warmth and OpenSSL of your and your wife’s personality. Was great to meet you both.

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